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Web Maintenance

Maintenance and Support

Over time, a website without maintenance software can become susceptible to a variety of problems; even for software that runs your website.

Regular Software Updates

Leaving your WordPress site without taking care of updates to your core software, theme, plugins leaves your site vulnerable to security risks and hackers.

Website Security

Websites are being attacked more now than ever before. Even big name companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft are attacked. Unfortunately, millions of small businesses have been attacked as well.

Website Maintenance Agreement

This Website Maintenance Agreement is between you, your employees and agents and applies to the purchase of all monthly maintenance services order by the client.

" The Future Belongs To Those Who Prepare For It"

The key to never being caught off guard is always being prepared. With our Maintenance packages, you will be able to make updates, add products and enhance your website much faster and efficiently than if you decide to opt out.

Maintenance Packages and Support

Service/Plan Basic Elite Business Enterprise
Price Per Month $39 $69 $179 $379
WordPress Core Updates Monthly Weekly Bi-Weekly Daily
Plugin Updates Monthly Weekly Bi-Weekly Daily
Theme Updates Monthly Weekly Bi-Weekly Daily
Broken Link Checks - - -
Full Site Backups with Restoration Weekly Weekly Bi-Weekly Daily
Database Optimization
Security Software
Security Monitoring
Uptime Monitoring
Client Reports Monthly Monthly Weekly Weekly
Allotted Hours for Content Updates and Changes 0 2 4 Unlimited
WooCommerce / Shopping Carts (additional, not available for basic plan) Not Available Included ( * Products count as 15 min each ) Included ( * Products count as 15 min each ) Included ( * Products count as 15 min each )
Discount off hourly rate on work above additional hours in plan 5% 10% 15% 20%
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